The Beginning

Though this is a fresh website and my first blog post, it does not mean that this is the "beginning", or maybe it is. 

My first slr film camera, which I still use and love often.

My first slr film camera, which I still use and love often.











Way, way, way in the true-blue beginning when I still wore pigtails, I  used to have a little plastic film camera, one with Mickey Mouse ears and a small tab on the top to wind the film after every photo I took. It was one of my favorite things on earth. 

Those days were spent growing up during summers on a small lake in Wisconsin. Back then, my favorite thing to photograph were frogs, pine cones, fish, or squirrels. I would spend my days walking around barefoot taking pictures of whatever caught my eye. I still have a handful of frog and pine cone photos sitting in a small wood box that I'll never get rid of.  
I stuck with it through school, doing the yearbook and newspaper thing using old film cameras, and everything that came along with developing.
I eventually inherited my dad's SLR and became so stubbornly enamored with it that I refused to go digital until I was well out of college.
Sometimes though, you just gotta jump on the bandwagon.
I started working for a wedding photography company and soon moved on the a newspaper where it would be hard to shoot with film, to say the least. 
I have fallen in love with two cameras, and just like everything else in life it is hard to take sides. 

So now, after taking a few years to go to school travel around a bit I am picking up my camera again, both film and digital, and trying to go back to my roots. 
Even if it means getting my hands on a Mickey Mouse camera and finding some frogs.