Purgatory Flats

If you are my friend, you should expect your picture to be taken a lot. It just comes with the territory. So, when Bryce and I decided to walk around in the mountains, he wasn't too surprised when I had my camera in his face every time he turned around.

At least, he seemed to get used to it after awhile.  

But because Bryce is such a good sport, not only did he not care, he actually helped me get the shots by making sure I didn't fall off any rocks or cliffs, and laughed with me when I accidentally sat down into the river. 

Provider of beer, holder of weird bugs, and photographer of snakes, Bryce is a great friend to have around on a morning hike and I am thankful for this morning we were able to get out of town and into the mountains, it was much needed for my body, mind, and soul. 

Thank you Bryce, I am sorry you were late to work.