The American Fork Canyon

Months ago my friend, Caitlyn began an attempt to bring friends from different states together to share common loves; the outdoors, good company, and climbing. 

While a handful of us reside in Durango, Caitlyn lives in Missuola, Montana, so she compromised a spot near the middle where we could meet; the Wasatch Mountain Range in Utah. 

I had fallen in love with Caitlyn's plan, the only problem for me was getting the time off work. It would only be four days but both my boss and I had become accustomed to my 50 hour work weeks for the past five or so months. So, needless to say, I was a little nervous to take a few days off. 

Fortunatly, the climbing gods were watching over me. I escaped work and retreated to the place  which contains my heart and soul; the mountains. 

Spending three days climbing beautiful granite, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, gaining bruises, loosing blood, sharing stories, laughs, and beers made this weekend more than successful. 

I only wish it would have lasted longer.

Thank you to the fabulous eight (including Caitlyn's brother who flew in from Virginia) who met in the middle to make a memorable weekend.

I can't wait to do it again.