Sailing Hawks

My mornings lately have been my refuge. I pull myself out of bed at what I previously thought to be an ungodly hour so that I can have to morning to do what I want or need to get done before I start my day. Some days it's errands; I need to go to the grocery store, or the bank, or anything else that I know I will be too tired to do when I get off work that evening. Other mornings though, I am able to drink my coffee out of a mug instead of a thermos, I can sit in my scavenged, yet pristine lazy boy, and I can read. 

Those are the mornings when the pages and the words taste the sweetest. Time flies by and on those mornings, I am usually late to work. 

One such book has been my friend Luke's new publication The Great American Dirtbags. Though the book is not a linear story, but rather a collection of shorter stories and poems, it is so easily gripping. I don't know if it is because of the sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-palms-sweating tales of climbing adventures gone wonderfully wrong (which always turns into being oh so right), or if it's the softness in his voice that carries you through his world. 


So, when Luke asked me to take a few photos of him and his friends  bouldering, I was more than excited. An afternoon spent with my camera, friends, rocks, and climbing? of course. 

And, when you are done looking at these, please visit Luke's website, and get a book, or a Zine, which has also kept me up late at night. 
Climb on.

I loved hanging out with Luke, Al, Mike, and Tony in their element, and gave me even more of an itch to go climbing than I already had before. Thanks guys for letting me get in your way to photograph you from weird angles, you are the best!